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Sequel to WR1, and the start of something new.
Welcome to World Refugees 2! It's a support group for people that survived the Heartless Invasion of Earth, or new people who have somehow found their way.

More seriously, however, it's the second part to WR1, with added bits.

Update: from now on, you can find the list of tags here.

You can find the world/gummi-ship rules here.

World Refugees, part 1: The Earth has been taken over by Heartless, our homes, our families, everything except for the few meanger things we managed to scrounge up are all gone. Those of us who have survived have landed on foreign worlds that look scarily familiar and we’ve found ourselves trapped in a reality that isn’t ours. How would you deal with this situation? Would you give up and die? Would you take up whatever weapon you could find, search for survivors and try to live? Would your heart be able to withstand everything? You won’t know until you try.

Part two: This time around, it's a little different. Things have changed since Sora defeated the darkness for the first time. Those who wished, were able to return home to Earth and take back their old lives. Those who wished to stay, have been on the same world since then, living out that time in whatever way they wanted, hopefully happy. Your happiness depends, or depended, on your ability to adjust and take in the world around you- the question is, how did you do it? And, can you survive the coming Darkness?
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OOC community. Post whatever you like here for the lulz, just try to keep it somewhat safe for work.

AIM: plan awesome
Other mods to be added at a later date.
The Rules:
This is a Must Read section. If you come to us with questions without having read the FAQ first, and checking the mod posts for information we will frown at you and be a little irritated but will direct you in the right way.

♦ When posting a new entry, you must write it in the style of a livejournal entry; that is, you are not writing a fanfiction. The logs community is for the actual writing in third person.

☼ Feel free to comment on the posts of other members, so long as you don't go off-topic. (What is off-topic? Talking about how there was drama at school today.)

♦ Post as yourself; that is, unless you play someone, a KH character. Then, post as them, obviously.

☼ For anyone who was in WR1, you are in the same world you ended on. Anyone new, you are still on Earth and there are no exceptions. Also, something new. If you are new, it is required that you hitch a ride to Hollow Bastion to be trained by someone. You are not God/Superman/Ironman, and you do not magically gain the knowledge and ability to fight like a BAMF just like that. Also, for those of you who are not aware, magic does not exist on earth. It doesn’t matter if you are Wiccan/shit rainbows/have spirit guides/soulbonded/whatever, no. magic.

♦ No anime/other fandoms that aren’t FF or Disney may be visited.

☼ You will encounter Disney characters. If you need or wish to sock-puppet a character ask a mod first and get it cleared by them. No exceptions. If the character is already taken by someone, you need to ask them first.

♦ In WR1, you could have only had anything that you could pick up quickly and carry. None of us will have Keyblades, no exceptions.

☼ To keep track of the current timeline, we will try to keep up on it as much as possible- please check mod posts. If there is a mandatory comment post, comment. Simple as that.

♦ No pimping out other comms for your RPs. This is a matter of survival and if we're trying to protect our hearts, we're not wanting to skip over ads.

☼ If you are going to talk about a different subject under what you are saying as yourself (Ie: "text about something going on" and you want to make a comment like "Going to bed, will write more later" try to put it in (THESE) or [[THESE]] to avoid confusion.)

♦ No drama or you will get beaten in the face. If you have an issue with someone or a plot or something, take it up with a mod.

☼ No god-modding and there are no exceptions. This is another one of those “beat you in the face” situations. We’re also going to define “Godmodding” to everyone here so it’s very, very clear. To clarify:

You cannot learn the entire spell set in a row. This means, even if you know Fire, you do not automatically progress to Fira and Firaga and Flare in three weeks. It takes time to do this, and it is not allowed.

You must get mod approval before learning ANYTHING not in Kingdom Hearts. No exceptions. The magics in KH are: [ire, cure, thunder, blizzard, reflect, magnet, stop, gravity, etc. If you have a question about if the magic is or isn’t in KH, ASK A MOD.

You cannot take down anything larger than a shadow (most likely). There are exceptions, but they are few and far between. Can you fight a behemoth? Sure. Will you survive? No. The same goes for the Organization. Epic Events will happen, and you will have someone, if not more than one person from WR1 in them. They will help everyone else take down the big-bads, as it were, and you will gradually get better. Those refugees who did fight the big-bads either got their asses kicked/won barely, due to large numbers, or had Sora with them.

☼ With magic: there’s a rule change. You are now required to apply to learn magic. This isn’t hard, at all. It’s simply you commenting on [this] post and informing the mods:

How old you are: (think of it like having a drivers'  license. There's a reason kids under a certain age aren't allowed to drive, vote, fight in the army, own firearms/nukes/whatever. Bawww the mods are oldfag elitists. Get off our lawn.)
Who your teacher is & if it is approved by them: (it must be cleared by them first.)
How long you have/will train: (a minimum of a week for learning a new spell)
The dates: (basically, I’m starting to learn Blizzard on October 3rd and will be fairly proficient on October 10th)

YOU WILL NEED TO DO THIS EACH TIME. Every time you want to learn a spell, or progress to another spell, YOU MUST DO THIS and wait for mod approval. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

☼ Weapons:

The rules have changed here, too. Please take note of the edited policy. We’ve changed it so that people are not godmodding here, as well.

0-1 months: You have just started the game, thus you only have what you would have at your house. YOU CAN NOT have a sword, or a huge staff with a pointy end, or something. You are new, you are not god, thus, you will start off as the rest of us did.

2 months: Congratulations on surviving this far. Your prize is you get a lovely, long piece of wood, also known as a staff. This will/may help you if you do magic, but only with ONE type of magic and only a very little. You are also eligible to start Leon’s School of Jabbing Things With Pointy Objects. Also known as, you can start training with Leon to learn how to use a sword. This will take longer than magic, and you will not be perfect.

3 months: You just leveled up, and get to use a short sword-- the catch? Only if you go to see Leon/train with someone. If you are more of an archery person, you may have a short bow, so long as you buy it and the arrows. You must practice with this, too. Speak to Ryune before this, however.

4 months: You may start shopping at the weapons shop. What you can buy is within reason though. You cannot buy the Super Awesome Death-Bringing Sword of Ultimate Win. The shopkeeper will not sell it to you and will mock you most likely. Keep in mind you are still new at everything, thus, be careful with what you choose.

5 months: You may now use a long sword, provided you have prior training with Leon.
You may also graduate up to the long-bow if Ryune or your teacher thinks you are proficient enough.

6 months: If you’ve survived this long, you should have a good idea of what to do. Pick a weapon within reason.

Notes: You are not allowed to say “I want to do sword and bow and learn magic!” One weapon per person, which means you should be fairly decent at it. You may not start learning a magic and a weapon at the same time. :| Also note that you have to have been poking things with sharp objects for a while BEFORE you can learn magic. If you join late in the game (it’s going to end early next year), that’s tough beans, kid. You don’t get to be a special snowflake and be badass while everyone worked for their level 30.)

♦ Join the logs community as well as the OOC community, please.

☼ A clarification on Darkness. The Darkness is not some wonderful, misunderstood kind of magic. It will twist you, it will devour you, and it is NOT A TOY. This goes for every, and any Heartless as well. They are not friendly, happy, hungry little monster-puppies. From this point on, if you fuck with the Darkness, the Darkness will fuck back without lube or preparation, and it won’t respect you in the morning. Instead, it will take you down. This will be mod-enforced from this point on, no exceptions. You are also not allowed to have a touching, dramatic death in which you sacrifice yourself and become a Nobody. This is over and done with, no exceptions.

♦ Please have fun! Throw any suggestions in one of the mod posts and we will answer you as quickly as we can~!

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