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16 November 2008 @ 03:20 pm
Hey guys, look, I can tl;dr with the best of them.

It's been a long year, hasn't it? How many of you guys were here when this RP first started up, the bastard child of Rii and myself staying up one night, and going ZOMBIES > OMG FIGHTING > DEATH > OMG HEARTLESS? > HOLY SHIT RP? > I'VE NEVER DONE AN RP > LET'S DO IT ANYWAY! I'd say we lost some along the way, but we gained a lot more, and all of you have been fucking spectacular with all that you have done to keep this RP alive.

Rii and I didn't know what to expect when we started WR the first time around. We thought it was going to be kind of funny, kind of retarded, and just something that a few people would post to. Then, more people started to get interested, and we thought, hey? Maybe a comm would be good for this kind of thing. Never-mind the fact that neither of us had modded anything up to this point, nor the fact that we had yet to be in an RP- it just seemed like a good idea, so we went ahead with it.

Then the explosion happened. We had to lock down people from posting, because everyone wanted to. We gained nearly a hundred members in one night. The posting opened up, and we had nearly three hundred posts in the first few days, if I remember right. It was insane. Our little retarded idea had grown this far-- and then we realized that we had no idea what to do with it.

Over these months it's grown into something awesome. You guys, however, made this what it is. Your sticking with it, your plot ideas (Song being a Nobody), your complaints (ROXAS, YOU'RE SUCH A BASTARD), how you played the characters (You know you fapped to tl;dr Xemnas). All of you guys helped make this into what it is today.

I've enjoyed this. Granted, I'm more the person that wants to stick to the inner workings, and not really show my face an RP-- someone else's face? Roxas? Sure. But I prefer to watch things build and grow and then do what they must, because that's the exciting part for me- and you guys are the ones who made it exciting.

What's all of this mean? It means that we're done. We've done it, guys. We've saved the world, we've had our adventures, we've loved and lived and lost, and it's over. Some of us learned things about ourselves, some of us saw what would happen to ourselves if we made bad decisions, some of us chose to keep to the side-lines, others, to fight and become a better monster than the rest. Whatever we did, we made it through and it's time to put this RP to rest.

Think of it like the Jurassic Park movies. They should have stopped at one or two- in our case, we're stopping at two. We've done what we needed, we've had our fun, we've made friends and spent countless hours staying up and logging insanely awesome logs, only to realize we had homework due two days ago. It's time to close it down.

No, this is not negotiable. No, we will not hand the control over to someone else, etc. We will keep the crack comm /ooc comm open for as long as you like, for you guys to play around in and have your fun, but WR and WR2 and everything else not-crack, will be shut down and left here. You'll still be able to come back and read it all, as we won't delete the comms, but the posting to comms is limited to the mods. You can, however, comment and all, and we encourage it.

I'd like this post to be for any comments or anything you might have. Share your favorite log or memory or chat bit. Share what you thought was funny.  Any questions can be posted here as well.

I know my favorite parts were Aya's retelling of the months before. Those were awesome. <3

So without further waiting, I'm just gonna say thanks. Thanks for making this RP so amazing. Thanks for putting up with me. Thanks so much to Ryune for all her help with everything mod-wise, and then to Ryuu as well. Thanks to those of you who apped characters. Thanks to those of you who taught magic, did logs, posted entries, etc. Thank you.


16 November 2008 @ 12:51 pm
[November 7th, 2009]

It's funny, really. In fairy tales, movies, books, all that, once the story is finished, that's the end. Maybe you get an epilogue, with brief snippets to let you know what happened later in the lives of the characters, but that's all. The rest of the story has to be left up to the imagination.

I learned - we all learned - that real life isn't a fairytale or a video game. It's life - even after the end, it marches forward. New stories are written. Every moment we live past "happily ever after" is a sequel, the unending rhythm of life pushing us further, faster, forward into tomorrow. The end is never written.

No one's posted here in a year - strange, isn't it? This community was once our lifeline, our means of communicating, making sure we were all still alive and well. And yet, after we won, activity died. We moved on. Oh, we still see each other - for that I'm glad - between going back and forth on Earth and The Radiant Garden, and exploring all the other myriad worlds. The Federation of Worlds, although new, is growing rapidly, and is truly an inspiration to any diplomatic endeavor. Pretty much all war on Earth has ceased - sure, there's a squabble here or a terror attack there, but when your whole planet almost dies twice, you kinda tend to forget about bickering over religion or land.

The Radiant Garden is well on its way to full recovery too - recently, the main city restored diplomatic contact with the country to the north, Archades. I hadn't known that Dilan and Even were from there, but Braig, in one of his many, many storytelling sessions, started lecturing on the history of the Garden... very interesting, and I'll probably be back in that library to read more. Speaking of the Six, although they still are met with a lot of hate and resentment, the Restoration Committee finally convinced the council to let them live. Even and Dilan have still long-since moved to Earth, but for Braig and Eleaus, I think the two of them are much relieved - especially Braig, who, with a pregnant wife and a love for teaching physics by chucking things over the Rising Falls, didn't want to leave his home.

Ienzo, although he hasn't gone by that since Mabry's party, is somewhere on Earth, going to college. I've spoken with him once or twice, but he asked me not to mention his identity, so I won't. Eric finished school in May, as well as Ryuu. I don't know if they're still together, but as far as I know, the both of them are exploring the Universe. Last I heard, Eric was visiting Roxas on the Islands, while Ryuu was back on Vulcania.

No one has heard from Orpheus or Robin - I suppose the two of them are off doing their own thing, and finding themselves again. I keep both of them in my prayers.

As for everyone else, our lives go on. We explore the worlds, and as we were the first of our World to see the rest of the Universe, we act as guides and frontrunners for other exploratory endeavors. Some of us are finishing school - Brandon, Cheryle and I are due to graduate in June, and the Island kids are finishing up high school. Some of us are living lives and holding jobs as engineers, healers, explorers, writers, and diplomats.

And some of us went back to living ordinary lives.

I've been busy, with finishing college and planning a wedding (and no, Mabry, I'm not letting Nomura design my dress. I don't care how useful you think zippers on my wedding dress will be after the fact, my answer is no). There's also the side work I do for the United Nations - although, now that I'm back in school, they've eased up on me and have started to delegate tasks to people who are better qualified.

I look back on the journey we refugees have taken - we started out as computer-addict nerds, who in Earth's final hours clung to their laptops in desperation. And we emerged a year and a half later as heroes.

Life isn't a fairy tale, and why should it be? Real life is so much more exciting, and so much more worth retelling.

So do we live happily ever after? Who can say? As long as there are people around to tell our story, our story isn't finished.

And so, as an act of finality, and an official ending of this chapter of our lives, of the Saga of the Refugees: War of Hearts, I'll say this:

And they lived.

The End
09 November 2008 @ 04:23 pm
OKAY. I *finally* got the polls posted.

You can find them all HERE

03 November 2008 @ 09:30 pm

The story isn't done :3


From now on, WR2 is closed. There will be some finishing posts, but everyone. Go join if you want to keep playing.
03 November 2008 @ 05:38 pm


I'll post the polls when I can figure out HOW THE FUCK TO MAKE THE RESULTS INVISIBLE TO YOU BUT NOT TO ME.

Seeing as I kinda, y'know, need to see them in order to know how you voted.


I'll do this shit later, when Chii comes back.
03 November 2008 @ 03:11 pm
01 November 2008 @ 11:59 am

You guys.

26 October 2008 @ 11:01 pm




24 October 2008 @ 06:37 pm

First off, healers who are not members of the healing camp come and see me before the battle--I know this includes Fox and Ryune, but I'm not sure who else. I'm going to give you a couple ethers from the Ethers for Healers box for you to make use of during the battle.

Here is the current list of people attached to the healing camp. If you aren't on this list and want to join us, it is not too late, just reply here. Asterics (sp?) indicate people with actual healing magic. Exclamation points indicate people who will be going into the battle to help bring people to the camp. Ampersands indicate people who will be providing mundane healing.

Brendan ((NPC))

As I said, you can still join our merry band. In fact, if you are primarily a noncombatant, I'd appreciate it if you did, as you'll be relatively safe with us AND can help us carry ethers and bandages and stuff. If you do not want to be in the thick of fighting, this is the best place for you.

(Locked to members of the healing camp)

Alright, here are some healing camp procedures. And some of this is awful stuff to talk about but it needs talking about, so here we go under the cut.
Triage, Procedures, Etc.Collapse )

Okay, figure out which ship you're going to fly with, the ships at the top room the most people, the ships towards the bottom aren't as roomy. Be sure you get an okay from the ship's Captain (or in the case of the Gungir, Commodore Zero) as to what ship you're on.

Listing SpaceCollapse )

Now then, prepare to depart as soon as we're all ready!